Je recherche 2 joueurs (si possible un gardien) pour notre équipe.

Nous jouons le lundi à Cote des neiges, niveau moyen-bon.

me contacter par email :




Looking for 2 players (1 keeper if possible) toplay on Monday nights at Cote des Neige. Intermediate level.

Contact me by email



Looking for men’s soccer team for thursday night in cotes des neiges, i am bilingual and have a lifetime of experience playing in a wide range of leagues and different caliber including university level . I play mostly striker or wing and can also play midfield but can play in any position if needed. Looking forward to paying for fun and for the championship! -Reach me by email -Alex

4/23/2018 5:17:17 AM

Bonjour la gang,

je viens de m'inscrire a la ligue de beach volley 4*4 Mixte Lundi et je cherche a joindre une equipe, je suis de niveau intermediaie et je joue au centre ou bien ailier.

hope to see you very soon wink




I'm an average player looking for a soccer team on Tuesday's or Thursday's!  I live in the mile end but I can make it arouind the city.  I have a good attidude and fully bilingual.

Jason, merci!



On est à la recherche d’une joueuse de soccer pour l’été. Préférablement défenseur, le coût de la saison est de 230$ pour 24 semaines d’activité.


We are looking for a female soccer player for the summer. Preferably a defenseman, it’s 230$ for the season (24 weeks of activity)

 Si intéressé/ if interested...

Hope you join my team,



Hi there!

I'm a female looking for a mixed soccer team to join.

Let me know if you need another player, or txt 514-6635311.



We're looking for some players to join us so we can form a COMBO Spring-Summer 2018 men's team, playing on Thursday evenings. Level is Recreational, so anyone is welcome!

If you're interested, just give me a call or text 514 467 8837.

- Clayton

3/25/2018 10:07:07 AM

I just moved to Laval from Alberta and I am looking for a team to play on! I usually play shooting guard and can help your team make some 3pt buckets :) But don't hold me to it...

Look forward to meeting some people and playing some ball!



Looking for a basketball team to join! Just a 5'10 guard who played high school bball + college intramurals. I slash, pass, and play defense at an OK level. I also don't mind coming off the bench, since that's how James Harden started off his NBA career. Hit me up 604 - 396 - two two five five if interested :)! Otherwise you'll be seeing me pour buckets on your squad from the solo team.



I'm a pretty terrible but friendly basketball player looking for a Spring 2018 or COMBO Spring-Summer 2018 men's team. 

Fairly athletic and 6'3', so some reasonably good defensive potential. I'd like to get better at basketball while having fun with a cool team in the process. I definitely play to win though so I'll do my best. wink

I am waiting a bit before signing up solo, so if you've already got a friendly team that could use an extra person, let me know and I'll join you instead! 514 467 8837

3/15/2018 4:26:45 PM

Bonjour je cherche une équipe de soccer (7*7 mixte ou non ) pour le printemps et l'été qui joue les mardis soir. Mon cell c'est le 514-690-6960 et mon email



Looking to join a coed flag football or ball hockey team this spring. Available Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursday. Skill level: recreational plus. Played ball hockey (coed) for 3 years and flag football all throughout high school.

Please let me know if theres a place on your team by email

3/12/2018 8:15:51 PM


I'm looking for a basketball team to join and play during opening days.  Please contact me on 514-226-0860.




I'm a female looking for a mixed soccer team to join this Spring. Please text me if you need another player! 514-208-3410. 




Hi, I'm looking for a sub for the Feb 27. March 6th and March 13th for mixed tuesday night basketball.

Let me know if you're available! 


Hi, very last minute but a couple of our female players will only be able to make it at half time so we are looking for two females that can play the whole game for tonight. It’s 6pm at the Concordia dome. Message me at 514-992-8120 if you can be there



I'm a goalie looking for games and I'm available to sub for any current teams.

Anyone looking for a goalie drop me an email: 

1/21/2018 4:27:00 PM

hi everyone

We are team indv 2. we need  a goalie and a female player for monday's game at 9pm vs Wildcat

if any one interested just show up and  bring a white shirt or call me to confirm, call me before noon or btwn 6pm to 7pm 514 334 5807 ask for thomas




T'es une femme? Tu joes au basket? T'es dispo les mercredis? Tu veux rencontrer des amis?

Fais moi signe: