hi everyone, I am looking for 2 girls who are interested in playing in the mixed league on thursdays for basketball.

email me if you are interested! 

9/23/2017 10:09:29 PM

I am available most evenings of the week, for soccer, ball hockey, dodgeball, ultimate. I am...okay, but enthusiastic. :) If you are ever short a player at the last minute, shoot me an email and I can help out! :) 




Hi, we are 2 girls and looking to sign up for the fall-winter season on Wednesdays. We are looking for 2-3b each volleyball players intermediate-competitive level. If interested please message: 514-594-9474 :) 


9/19/2017 5:03:28 PM


I am looking to play a bit of softball this fall and was wondering if anyone needed a player. Currently play senior level A baseball, and am a junior AA, and Concordia Stingers alumni.

E-mail me at if interested.



hello CMSS league

We are looking for a goalie  to volunteer for next Monday If any one  in the league or teams are interested to play with us.


please contact me :home phone: 514 334 5807 ask for thomas or leave message but call during the week and weekends btwn 5pm to 6pm or email me

thank you


9/14/2017 7:21:42 PM

hey everyone, I'm looking for any girls interested in joining one of the teams for the 5x5 mixed league.

if you're interested please message me!



My name is Candice and I am looking for a partner for the 2X2 mixed indoor beach volleyball. Tuesdays would be ideal for me however I am flexible. I have been playing volleyball for a while at an intermediate/competitive level. Please contact my by email if you are interested:

Thanks! :)

9/12/2017 4:15:29 PM

We are looking for a ball hockey goaltender on Monday evenings.

Game times are typically 19:30 to 21:30.

9/8/2017 9:25:56 PM

Female Basketball player. Contact me if you need someone to Sub
Available Wednesdays and Thursdays

9/7/2017 7:03:57 PM

Hello, I just arrived in Montreal 1 day ago and will be living here for the next 4 months.  I am looking for an indoor volleyball team, I've played the sport for a while now.  I am a setter and used to running 5-1 offenses.

Also looking for indoor soccer, I play RB and CM on 11x11 and CM 7x7.  If all I can find is a GK position I will take it, just want to get out there and play.

Contact me or 954 663 6174 (US Phone)


Hey Guys! I'm looking to get on either a volleyball or basketball team (or both) for the fall. I've played each sport at fairly competetive levels and am available any days except tuesdays. Would prefer to join a team in a more advanced division but am open to any level of competition. Let me know if you're short a player.


8/31/2017 8:31:14 PM

A lequipe cnd qui joue ce soir a22h30 .Notre equipe Fc Summer declare forfait car lheure a été changer sans préavis aux membres et ns naurons pas assez de joueur.

Navree de la situation 



Bonjour / Hi !

On recherche une ou 2 filles pour joindre notre équipe d'hockey mixte les lundis soir. Contactez-moi par courriel si intéressée!

We are look for female players to play ball hockey with our team on monday nights. If interested please contact me by e-mail !

Merci / Thank you !


Nous sommes 3 joueurs de bon niveau, dont un gardien, disponibles pour jouer au soccer le lundi 7x7 cet automne.


Hey guys, we are looking for a goalie to join our team for the mixed league 7x7 this fall. Please let us know if you are interested! 438-498-9558


Hey there! Female player, hoping to join a soccer team for the Fall - available any night. I'm a bit out of practice but recently played in a tournament and played competitively for several years. Send me an e-mail at if you're looking for someone! 


I forgot to include my phone number! Please contact me if you are interested for tonight's games: 514-569-7875


Hi guys! 

We are looking for a girl to play with us for our 2 beach volleyball games tonight at 7:20pm and 8pm! 


Hi everyone,

I'm looking to join a soccer team. I'm looking to play on a 7x7 COED ADVANCE LEVEL or 7x7 men INTERMEDIATE lvl. I believe I have a decent level. I play forward but I can also play in other positions if the team needs me. 

If your team has a spot available, please text: 514 758 5119




To every one in the league

 We share the same goalie with Individual 1 team, Can one of the goalies from the other team (wildcats or the other team) that starts before us,  Can play back to back. Can the league switch teams so we don't play against each other


Thomas Captain from Ultimate 3 threat