Volleyball Mixed 2x2 - Thursday
       Beach Volleyball Mixed 4x4 - Monday
        Soft Serves
       Beach Volleyball Mixed 4x4 - Wednesday
        Four Play on the Beach
       Beach Volleyball 4x4 Div.2 - Wednesday
        Ya Dig

    Beach Volleyball 4x4 Div.2 - Monday
    Bearded Lady and her ladyboys


    Beach Volleyball Mixed 6x6  - Tuesday
    Top Gun



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Court Volleyball 6x6 on Mondays
Volleyball 6x6 Tuesdays
Court Volleyball 6x6 Wednesdays


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Most Valuable Players in League

Team First Name Player of the Match
Ind. 2 Ernest 10
Indi Digs (Ind. 1) Ernest 10
Les Mains Molles 3.0 (Ind 3) Ernest 10
Raptors (ind1) Ernest 10
TE Draft Ernest 10
Team Draft Ernest 10
Team EVO Ernest 10
Ace Holes Yordan 10
Team EVO Thish 9
Team EVO Laurence 7