Soccer 5x5- Mixed Futsal Wednesday 
     Jazz Nasteez
    Soccer 7x7- Mixed Turf (Montreal) Monday
    Yellow N' Black
    Soccer 7x7- Mixed Turf (Montreal) Thursday
     FC Solaar
    Soccer 7x7- Mixed Turf (Montreal) - Div.2 Monday
     Les Youpi
    Soccer 7x7- Refereed Turf (Montreal) Monday
     Scorpio FC
    Soccer 7x7- Refereed Turf (Montreal) Thursday
     MTL United


TURF SOCCER 7x7 (mixed or refereed) leagues: You can now choose a specific area to play at (Ahuntsic-Cartierville, Côte-des-Neiges or Notre-Dame-de-Grâce). 

This season at a glance:

1) Choose your location|night
2) self-refereed + mixed or with refs + no minimum gender requirements
    Choose whether you want to play with a referee or not
3) Choose to play 10 weeks or opt for the combo: play 20 weeks + a free tournament

Upcoming season(s) for Soccer

Most Valuable Players in League

Team First Name Player of the Match
FC Hammer Nicholas 4
FC Solaar Nicholas 4
Montreal United sheikh 4
FC Hammer Alexandre 3
Les Polatouches Alexandre 3
Code4 FC Jean-Philippe 3
Free Folk FC Tyler 3
FC Solaar Marianne 2
Matera FC Hugues 2
Team Danger Zone Virginie 2