Soccer 7x7- Mens Turf (Ahuntsic-Cartierville) Tuesday 
    Soccer 7x7- Mens Turf (Côte-des-Neiges) Monday
    Seleção 2016
    Soccer 7x7- Mens Turf (Côte-des-Neiges) Tuesday
    FC Davegeois
    Soccer 7x7- Mens Turf (Côte-des-Neiges) Wednesday
    FC Croissants
    Soccer 7x7- Mens Turf (Côte-des-Neiges) Thursday
    Soccer 7x7- Mixed Turf (Ahuntsic-Cartierville) Tuesday
    FC Romanticos
    Soccer 7x7- Mixed Turf (Ahuntsic-Cartierville) Wednesday
    Team Danger Zone
    Soccer 7x7- Mixed Turf (Côte-des-Neiges) Monday
     Fc Wolfpack 



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Mondays - mixed or reffed 7x7 turf

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7x7 Turf soccer HERE
5x5 mixed/co-ed futsal on Mondays HERE
5x5 mixed/co-ed futsal on Wednesdays 

Upcoming season(s) for Soccer

Most Valuable Players in League

Team First Name Player of the Match
FC Solaar Marianne 2
FC Hammer Alexandre 2
Les Polatouches Alexandre 2
Brewskies Anthony 2
FC Hammer Nicholas 2
FC Solaar Nicholas 2
Code4 FC Andréanne 2
Montreal United Sajid 2
Free Folk FC Tyler 2
Cirque du Soleil Frederic 1