Spring-Summer 2018 - Softball with umps Div.2 Sunday

Night(s) Offered: Sunday May 27, 2018
Match times: Games may be played between 10am and 11pm and last 85 minutes.
Team Cost: $1260.27 + tax
Individual Cost: $152.21 + tax
Fee includes:
12 weeks of play, league administration and prizes for the winners

This league has been postponed to start Sunday May 27th
# Players on court: 10 players

Bring your equipment. 1 glove per player and 1 bat per team. Equipment can be supplied for a refundable deposit (except gloves).


Locations get determined once registration closes. Generally in N.D.G, Outremont, downtown and accessible by public transportation.

Join as sub (free)! Signing up as an occasional player is a good way to play once in a while. It's free but does not garantee that you will be called to play.