Winter 2018 - Beach Indoors Mixed 6x6 - Recreational or Intermediate Tuesday

Night(s) Offered: Tuesday January 16, 2018
Match times: Games can START between 6pm-10pm and last 55 minutes.
Fee includes:

10 weeks of play, league administration and prizes for winners.

# Players on court: Mixed 6x6 - Recreational or Intermediate
Beach players: latest updates and news regarding your league HERE

6-8 players recommended per team.


The first two weeks of play will serve as an evaluation. Following these preliminary rounds, a ranking is determined and the teams will be placed in a division.

The CMSS reserves the right to adjust the divisions (possibly to move teams) following the 6th week of play. A team may climb a division or drop from one.

2 points are awarded to the winning team of a match
1 point is awarded to both teams in the case of a draw
0 points are awarded to the losing team of a match
And then Fair play points

Rue de Montmorency et Rue Saint-Patrick
Join as sub (free)! Signing up as an occasional player is a good way to play once in a while. It's free but does not garantee that you will be called to play.